keeping in touch

It seems like it is always way easier to say you will keep in touch, than it is to actually keep in touch.  But so far, I think we’re doing well and I can keep hoping this will keep up in the months to come.  As I gathered the pictures for this post, however, I realized I need to be a better picture-taker in terms of both quality and quantity.  Oh well… something to work on. In the meantime, a little retrospective of the past few months.


Andy and Gina in Bath, UK

We were lucky enough to catch up with Andy and Gina, friends from Fort Collins, when we were in the UK for the Badminton vacation in May. It was great to see them and seemed very familiar to be sipping beers with them again.


Team Scarlett+ at Badminton

Jo, Tobin, and George joined me, Tara, Chris, and Melinda for the Badminton adventure. It was like a little Team Scarlett reunion.  It was pretty easy for us to get to England but a real treat to meet up with everyone this time on a new continent. Which reminds me, we never really landed on a plan for next year.  But, it turns out that I don’t have even one picture of our group or the “cute” house we rented in Tetbury amongst all of the shots of Andrew and William… Since some of us regard privacy more than others 🙂  I thought I would share this one instead, as a reminder of the very special dinner that we cooked on our last night. Fresh veggies salvaged from the decorations for a vegetable stand jump.


Rita and Laura at the Zurich Zoo

In May, when it was supposed to be warm, I got to see Rita not once, but twice. On the second trip, Rita came with her friend Laura for a few days and even though it was actually pretty horrid weather, they were able to find some sun in Ticino and be back in Zurich to celebrate my birthday with me.  This is sadly the only picture I have from that week with them. (Rita, send me some pictures!)  Rita and I met through work, years ago, and bonded over Freitag bags so it was a perfect place to meet up again since we hadn’t seen each other for a while.


Kevin, by the Limmat

Incredibly, Kevin stopped by for a visit on his bike! He started biking in Berlin and despite a couple of detours because of the massive flooding in the Czech Republic and Germany, made it to Zurich ahead of schedule. I’m impressed and tired just thinking about being on a bicycle for that long but he seemed to be doing great. Here we are toasting to the (hopefully) culmination of a raise we painstakingly negotiated together, back in 2007 and 2008. Five years, one strike, two fact-findings, and endless hours of negotiations later , we got to celebrate the anti-climatic implementation of these raises.



Amy and Roland, in Zurich

Well this is actually only Aimee and Amy and shamefully, this is the only silly picture I even have of their visits in July.  Amy is a good friend, also from Colorado days, and this now makes it two years in a row that we’ve gotten to see each other after many years of only thinking of each other.  Amy and Roland tried to come for only a short visit between their stops in England, Italy, and France, but ended up coming back for more. Must be that warm Zurich sun they missed?


Rich and Barbara, Uetliberg

Since Rich and Barbara met in Zurich a few years ago, and lived here for a lot longer than we have, there wasn’t anything we could show them in our new city. This means Rich, Jo, and I have all lived in Colorado, Switzerland, and California.  But they loved living here and find ways to get back every so often. We hope that will continue in the future.  Though the cow looks skeptical, we enjoyed an easy hike around Uetliberg, just next to Zurich.





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