Badminton Vacation!

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this post is pretty much all about horses, so it might be jibberish to some who are not fluent in horse talk 🙂 .  

Making a nice long bridge between two public holidays earlier this month, we flew to London for a week of 4-Star eventing!  Last year, I went with a group of friends for my first-ever trip to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to see Rolex up close.  (Yes, Rolex is a famous Swiss watch, but as the main sponsor for the big eventing competition in KY, it has somehow become the the name of this competition.) Having way too much fun last year, we spontaneously decided we should meet in England in 2013 for the Badminton Horse Trials — THE biggest (and best?) eventing competition anywhere.  Somehow it actually happened and 7 of us met in a very cute cottage in the Cotswold village of Tetbury.

Jo DID come and it was his own choice to do so. I think, apart from the jogs and, he thought it wasn’t a bad way to spend a week. So, since this was our spring vacation, the blog has to get some Badminton love. But I will keep it under control and post a bunch of pictures instead of sharing all of the excitement of the competition itself.

And just so you don’t have to wonder in suspense, none of our big favorites won but it was awfully exciting, with the top 3 separated by 0.5 points. My version of the leader board is as follows:

The incredible Jock Paget (who hasn’t even been riding for that long) and beautiful Clifton Promise ended up in FIRST when Michael Jung and superstar Sam rolled a rail on the very last fence.  It was breathtaking, really, and it dropped him into SECOND by 0.3 points.  One of our favorite riding instructors, Andrew Nicholson, finished in THIRD on beautiful and athletic Nereo (who we watched effortlessly bounce the one-stride in the lake). Another German rider, Sandra Auffarth, was FOURTH.  Our other favorite, William Fox-Pitt, ended up in FIFTH with Parklane Hawk. Though there was some dissent in our little group, nobody would’ve been disappointed to see Team William win the Grand Slam.  My favorite horse of the moment — Belgian horse/Italian rider — finished in SIXTH.  Woo Hoo!  I also heard they are based at Andrew Nicholson’s barn now… can’t wait to see them again — keep a look out for Stefano Brecciaroli and Apollo van de Wendi Kurt Hoeve (wonder what his barn name is?)  And finally, in SEVENTH, the very nice gray mare Borough Pennyz (with Vittoria Panizzon) that Chris was hoping might fit in her carry-on.


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