One Billion Rising

It has been a while since we participated in the One Billion Rising event here in Zurich, but we thought that it would still be good to write a short blog about it. In part because it was a significant activity within the first few weeks we were here in Zurich. We were lucky to find a great group of engaged people to help organize the event with. After several meetings, we had organized a flashmob tour through Zurich and a few hundred people showed up to participate.

The only problem was that I had to learn how to do the dance. I thought this would be an easy thing because I always thought that, for a white man, I was not the worst dancer. Well, I was nicely mistaken in that one. It took me forever to learn the choreographed dance. I have learned that a routine dance is nothing for me. Nevertheless, I think I got it more or less under control (check for yourself on the video) and we had a great V-day; one of the better ones in the last 20 years that we have been together…One for a good cause!

Here is a compilation of video from the evening, can you find us?


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