Crazy Swiss Easter

Snow, chocolate rabbit cars, and holidays: Easter is a big deal here.

federal holidays the Friday before and Monday after Easter! Would make for a nice long weekend except that it won’t stop snowing!

The stores have been overflowing with chocolate rabbits and other giant chocolate eggs. The most extreme Easter thing I saw was a fleet of bunny shaped cars, ears and all.  The cars were parked in front of Coop supermarket where they have been giving out free chocolate and coupons for chocolate rabbits.

Lindt bunny cars

Lindt bunny cars


And then the weather has been crap. Worst March in 26 years according to a woman at the barn. If it’s not raining, it’s snowing, or switching between the two. Today we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground and it has been coming down steadily all morning.

Snow on Easter Sunday

Snow on Easter Sunday


2 responses to “Crazy Swiss Easter

  1. It’s also in Belgium much too cold for the time of the year and we’re all longing for higher temperatures and son. But we still have good hot chocolate!
    How is Coquetta doing? It’s her first hard winter, isn’t ?

  2. Now if only the cars were also made of chocolate… Aimee, when are you planning to convert to chocoholic?… It seems you almost have no choice…

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