Belgian becoming swiss chocaholic

I have always claimed that Belgian chocolate is in general better than Swiss chocolate and I remain convinced of that, but I have to admit that I have become a real chocaholic since I’ve moved to Switzerland, much more than I ever was in Belgium. I am not sure why this has happened, but I also don’t care because I am actually really enjoying it…It is rather difficult to not become a chocaholic in Switzerland. The amounts of chocolate that is eaten here in Switzerland is enormous. At every place you go, you get, next to a coffee, a little chocolate; and a second piece if you like…People also eat chocolate all the time; if it is not pure chocolate, it is chocolate cake or chocomousse or…Now, what makes it most evident that chocolate is the favorite food of the Swiss is that even in the smallest store, there is a whole rack (bigger than any other rack) with chocolate. I am not kidding! You walk into the store and you can find some vegetables, and some bread, and some cheese or drinks or pasta, but the most obvious and biggest rack is filled with all kinds of chocolate. However, a lot of the chocolate is not too my taste. Most of them are way to milky, but with some searching I have found some really good ones. My favorite one is the Lindt Les Grandes with 34% hazelnuts.


It is dark chocloate and the whole hazelnuts are caramelized, mmm…It is hard to admit for me as a Belgian, but this chocolate is as good as the Belgian chocolate…


One response to “Belgian becoming swiss chocaholic

  1. Ewel zoonlief, nu ben je toch bezig met je roots wat te verloochenen! De volgende keer dat je in Brugge bent, zal ik je eens meenemen naar The Chocolate Line op het Simon Stevinplein. We zullen dan eens proefondervindelijk (als echte wetenschappers!) uitmaken of de Zwitserse chocolade aan de Belgische kan tikken. Je moet dan natuurlijk wel een aantal Zwitserse soorten meebrengen…

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