ETH Coquetta

So yes, finally, after months of planning and weeks of anxiety, the big red pony arrived in one piece. She has continued to surprise me, throughout this long trip, with her good and smart behavior.  It’s like someone told her she better get her act together if she’s going to live in Europe cause (pssst … bad horsies get eaten over here).


But first a word of thanks to our sponsor.

I really am so lucky to have Coquetta with us here in Zurich, and I’m even wondering if I shouldn’t change her name to ETH Coquetta? Or maybe Coquetta 6?  Bottomline, bringing C with me is an absolute privilege and a real treat and it really says something that ETH wanted Johan to accept this position so much that Coquetta’s trip became part of the negotiations.  Let’s just say she is already well-known to the upper-levels of the ETHZ administration and I truly thank them for their generosity.

ETH stands for Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; ETH Zürich is the university that offered Johan this great job; when he said he couldn’t possibly come without Coquetta, they helped make that happen.  

If you are reading this, you probably already know Coquetta was scheduled to cross from the EU (Germany) to Switzerland on Monday morning. I knew from others’ experience and the rumor mill alike that this can be a tricky thing and to expect it to take several ho
urs.  But as it turned out, the shipper called me just as I was finishing  breakfast to say they were in CH already and they would be at her new barn in about an hour and a half.  After a little mad dash around the apartment (I was expecting her around midday) and a quick walk for Abbey, I got to the barn as fast as I could — which, turns out to mean ~ 45-50 minutes on 2 buses and a train.


Coquetta had just been unloaded from the trailer when I got to the barn and she was looking a little overwhelmed but otherwise bright-eyed and pretty calm under two big blankets. The nice woman who was driving the horses said Coquetta traveled really well, was eating and drinking and otherwise a pleasure to haul.   C seemed to take note that I was suddenly back in the picture but for the time being, she seemed more concerned that her new friend Apache was still on the trailer and she kept calling to him.

After a good walk around the property, with a dramatic halt every few feet to look around, C took to her new stall right away, with big eyes at the generous straw bedding and pile of beautiful, locally grown grass hay waiting for her.

IMG_1348For the first few days, C and I went for nice walks – a little farther from the barn each day before her anxiety threatened to make the walk back too dangerous. While pastures are still too wet, she gets to go in the Eurocizer 5x per week and she apparently figured it out on her first day very quickly.

By the weekend, I thought it was time to go for a walk under saddle and C truly seemed happy to see tack. I have a witness (Johan) that I’m not imagining this, she literally dove and stuck her head into the bridle herself.

No serious spooks or silly behavior, so let’s hope she keeps it up as we venture out of the arena. Soon enough I’m going to think I have a trained horse?!?



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