penguins & camels & frogs

Last weekend while we were on a little walk in the woods near our house (Zuriberg), we encountered some interesting “wildlife.”  Charlotte, one of our friends from Davis and one of the Six Lab folks who decided to join Jo in the new Six Lab has just arrived and we wanted to introduce her to one of nice walking areas right in the city.  We are sure her puppy will love it as much as Abbey does.

On our walk, first we noticed some signs of spring — we kept almost stepping on frogs (or toads, not sure what is the difference) on the paths.


Then we came to a pond and saw hundreds of them!


A few minutes later, strangely, I turned around and saw 2 camels being walked through the woods, like it was a normal thing to do. Apparently, with the zoo so close by, some of the animals get to go on longer walks sometimes??


Turns out the Zürich Zoo likes to take their animals on walks.  We got to spend a short time at the zoo the other day when we had some visitors from Brugge in town.  We thought the 3-year old would like the Penguin Parade that happens every day when the weather is cold enough.  The keepers take this beautiful flock of penguins on a walk around the zoo. It was minus something that day, perfect penguin weather. But the kid was terrified of the penguins…



I thought they were very cute though, and so did a lot of the other children at the zoo that day. There were a lot of penguins and visitors who walked with them. There were a couple of cute baby penguins too, you can see them in their brown fur. They are clearly not afraid of people either.



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