Settling in for real


We have been neglectful of our blog!  It is so hard to believe that we have been in Zürich for two months now.  Besides being delinquent on our blog updates, there are some other little signs that we settling into our new home.  In fact, it almost feels like we actually live here now… Here are a few indicators of this phenomenon.

  1. Getting and recovering from Swiss colds, plus multiple visits to the dentist.  Jo and I were both among the vast majority of people here to get a bad cold that lingers. By now, we have both more or less recovered but I figure if you stick around a place long enough to run the course of a winter cold or flu, then you must not be a tourist.  On top of that, I am now looking forward to my 3rd visit to a Swiss dentist (not fun at all) which also makes me feel like we’re settling in.
  2. Swiss phone numbers.  Though Jo got a Swiss SIM card right away, I waited for a while. After all, when the number of people you know who you might want to talk to can be counted on a few fingers, 2 cell phones seem silly.  But after giving back my CFA phone, I figured it was time.  So now I have a Swiss phone number, with unlimited texting so I will be prepared for when we hopefully meet more people.
  3. Traveling from and returning to Zurich.  We took a quick trip back to the US – California and Colorado – during the last week of February and right before we started working. Now, Jo is on a quick trip to Belgium. Traveling here and there, feels almost normal actually.  The funny thing was that I realized neither Davis nor Zürich felt like “home” so I found myself choosing my words carefully.  It didn’t feel right to say  I  was flying back “home” on either end of the trip.  Jo, of course, does not have these issues and doesn’t even think about such things.  But I will reserve calling Zürich home for a bit longer.
  4. Goodbye Barcelona.  If all goes as planned, by the end of the day we will no longer be the mortgage-holders of our house in Davis.  This is happy + sad because we really did like our house and yard and garden…. and while last week I got to see our lemon tree ripe with fruit and some of the fruit trees starting to bloom, back here in our apartment we have no pluots or peaches to look forward to this summer and I have to keep buyiIMG_1295ng lemons.   Anyway, selling the house to a couple who we hear is lovely and will love our house is great news and closing the sale does provide some closure, and might help with #3. But we are not all here just yet!
  5. One week till Coquetta arrives on European soil.  It feels like I have been planning and organizing Coquetta’s trip forever, but we are now down to the final days.  According to the plans, Coquetta will fly next week (she is booked on KLM from LA to Amsterdam) and be in the Netherlands a week from now.  A few days later she is scheduled to arrive in her new home!  BTW I got to visit her while she was in quarantine.  More on that in another post.
  6. Jobs.  The extended pseudo-vacation is over… which means the underlying reason for our big move is now real.  We both started our new jobs on March 4.  One week down, more thoughts on that coming soon too.

One response to “Settling in for real

  1. What a great idea that you guys are keeping us up to date on your lives. I love it.

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