First day in the mountains

We left the fog and clouds in Zürich and spent some time in Alpthal near Einsiedeln in the Schwyz canton.  Less than an hour’s drive from the city it was sunny and very beautiful. We’re told these mountains are not the real Alps but like the foothills of the Rockies, they are still pretty impressive.  Don’t you think?

Jo was excited to get some time on his skis and Aimee tried to walk on the trails but the snow quickly became too deep to continue without snowshoes or cross country skis. Jo will probably have an update about the skiing soon.


5 responses to “First day in the mountains

  1. how wonderlful…just promise me one thing aimee….NO spelling tests for the places you go…sounds beautiful and so grateful that the two of you can venture along this new path…

    • in the Rockies you don’t always have to ski above the treeline so it feels different to me. And you are usually higher in altitude. The snow in Colorado can really be incredible. I think they might groom more here.

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