Running in Zurich (2)

Jo&Abbey in the snowOne new challenge has appeared in my running in Zurich: Snow. It is hard to believe that I have become so much of a CA boy because I was totally perplexed by how hard it is to run in the snow and I did not expect it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the snow; it nicely transforms Zurich into a different beautiful scenery that I do appreciate while running. It is just that slippery feet while running make it that I feel like I ran twice as far and at a double speed; no, that’s a bit exaggerated (I must be taking after Aimee…), but my heart is for sure pumping more when running in the snow. So, I do get more of an exercise out of it, especially when running up and down the hills in the snow. I just hope that I do not get myself injured. I am contemplating to find a gym or at least an indoor track, but I know that I will miss the cold air, the scenery, and the challenge. So, I think I will have to find a balance between some runs in the snow and others indoors. What  a new concept: Jo Six will try to balance…
I’ll let you know how it works out!


4 responses to “Running in Zurich (2)

  1. yep, you better find a safer place to run before you slip and break a bone or two, and no Aimee was not involved in this reply at all

  2. That’s a very good idea: try to find a balance. My son is getting wiser at 40!

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