Running in Zurich

Some of you already know that I am planning on running the Zurich marathon on the 7th of April 2013. And so, I have started the training again. The moving to Zurich has obviously stopped my Davis running routine and necessitated a Zurich routine. The latter has been a bit of a challenge. For example, the first day we were here, I thought that it would be cool to go for a run at Zurich Berg. Given that our house is already quite a bit up the hill, I thought that I could just run up Hinterbergstrasse and then do a nice loop on top of Zurich Berg. Well, I did that, but boy, was I mistaken on how steep Hinterbergstrasse is; by the end, I was hardly running anymore. In the following days, I tried to find some less steep streets to run on, with mixed results. My routine seems now to run about 1.5 miles down (about 150m lower) to Zurich See and then do there along the lake my speed and long runs to finish with running slowly back up the hill to our house. For my other tempo runs, I just zigzag through town up and down the hills at whatever speed I feel like or run atop Zurich Berg. It does seem to work, but I do have to be careful with my achilles and it is for sure leading to some other muscles getting in shape…


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